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Bosch GBH 2-22 E Corded Rotary Hammers,620 Watt

Why this tool?Impact stop for drilling in wood and steelErgonomically designed softgrip handle with ..

INR 8,869 INR 6,667

Bosch GBH 2-22 RE Corded Rotary Hammers,620 Watt

Why this tool?Reverse operation with extremely high torque for screwdriving operationsOverload clutc..

INR 9,170 INR 6,894

Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE Corded Rotary Hammers,800 Watt

Why this tool?Easy-to-change tool holderBall grommet for preventing cable breaksSoftgrip on main han..

INR 13,079 INR 9,832

Bosch GBH 2-26 E Corded Rotary Hammers,800 Watt

Why this tool?Impact stop for drilling in wood and steelBall grommet for preventing cable breaksSoft..

INR 11,896 INR 8,943

Bosch GBH 2-26 RE Corded Rotary Hammers,800 Watt

Why this tool?50 mm spindle collar diameter for more sturdinessImpact stop for drilling in wood and ..

INR 12,128 INR 9,117

Bosch GBH 2-28 DV Corded Rotary Hammers,850 Watt

Why this tool?Rotation stop for chisel functionRotatable brush plate for optimum forward and reverse..

INR 14,773 INR 11,105

Bosch GBH 200 Corded Rotary Hammers,550 Watt

Technical Specifications:Type of ProductRotary HammerNo Load Speed0 - 1300 RPMBeats/Impact Rate0 - 4..

INR 5,992 INR 4,232

Bosch GBH 4-32 DFR Corded Rotary Hammers,900 Watt

Why this tool?Extremely robust thanks to aluminium gearboxExtremely fast changing between SDS-plus a..

INR 32,022 INR 24,072

Bosch GBH 5-40 DCE+4ASCC Corded Rotary Hammers,1150 Watt

Advantages:Automatic switch lock for the best convenience in continuous chiseling applicationsConsta..

INR 46,893 INR 35,251

Bosch GBH 8-45 DV Corded Rotary Hammers,1500 Watt

Why this tool?"Turbo Function to utilize power, which is used for rotation in drilling mode, additio..

INR 66,335 INR 49,866

Bosch GBL 620 Corded Heat Guns Blowers,620 Watt

Technical Specifications:Rated input power620 WNo-load speed16,000 rpmWeight1.7 kgVolumetric flow ra..

INR 2,593 INR 1,900

Bosch GBL 800 E-Air Blower Corded Heat Guns Blowers,820 Watt

Why this tool?Variable speed dial wheel for easy flow speed adjustmentAmbidextrous lock on and handg..

INR 4,327 INR 3,120

Bosch GBM 10 RE Corded Rotary Drill,350 Watt

Why this tool?Control Electronic for precise drilling startsMetal keyless chuck for high precision a..

INR 3,840 INR 2,810

Bosch GBM 13 RE Corded Rotary Drill,600 Watt

Why this tool?Compact & high strength helical gear for long lifetimeSpindle collar diameter of 4..

INR 3,933 INR 2,957

Bosch GBM 13-2 Corded Rotary Drill,550 Watt

Why this tool?Drill chuck secured by centering screw against coming loose in reverse rotationSynchro..

INR 7,709 INR 5,795

Bosch GBM 1600 RE Corded Rotary Drill,850 Watt

Why this tool?2 in 1 - Power and Convenience for mixing & drilling applications360° rotates D ha..

INR 9,483 INR 7,129

Bosch GBM 23-2 Corded Rotary Drill,1050 Watt

Why this tool?Long lifetime with roller bearing-mounted motor and gearsSpindle collar diameter of 43..

INR 50,524 INR 37,980

Bosch GBM 32-4 Corded Rotary Drill,1500 Watt

Why this tool?Auxiliary handle for better gripSafety thanks to overload clutchLong lifetime with rol..

INR 62,652 INR 47,097

Bosch GBM 6 Corded Rotary Drill,350 Watt

Why this tool?High strength & precision sintered bearing bracket for precision workingCompact &a..

INR 3,069 INR 2,210

Bosch GEX 125-1 AE Corded Random Orbit Sanders,250 Watt

Why this tool?Sanding pad brake prevents damage (e.g. scoring) on work pieceRandom orbit motion plus..

INR 6,143 INR 4,618

Bosch GEX 150 AC Corded Random Orbit Sanders,340 Watt

Why this tool?Sanding pad brake prevents damage (scoring) on work pieceBosch microfilter system: Per..

INR 12,499 INR 8,900

Bosch GHG 180 New Corded Heat Guns Blowers,1800 Watt

Technical Specifications:Type of ProductHeat GunWeight0.75 kgAir Flow Rate350/350/550 lpmMax Tempera..

INR 2,309 INR 1,630

Bosch GHG 600 CE Corded Heat Guns Blowers,2000 Watt

Why this tool?Surfaces for stationary use without danger of falling overComprehensive special access..

INR 7,743 INR 5,821

Bosch GHG 630 DCE Corded Heat Guns Blowers,2000 Watt

Why this tool?50°C cold settingErgonomic design/soft grip..Technical Specifications:Rated input powe..

INR 7,076 INR 5,320