Heat Guns-Blowers

Heat Guns-Blowers
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Bosch GBL 620 Corded Heat Guns Blowers,620 Watt

Technical Specifications:Rated input power620 WNo-load speed16,000 rpmWeight1.7 kgVolumetric flow ra..

INR 2,593 INR 1,900

Bosch GBL 800 E-Air Blower Corded Heat Guns Blowers,820 Watt

Why this tool?Variable speed dial wheel for easy flow speed adjustmentAmbidextrous lock on and handg..

INR 4,327 INR 3,120

Bosch GHG 180 New Corded Heat Guns Blowers,1800 Watt

Technical Specifications:Type of ProductHeat GunWeight0.75 kgAir Flow Rate350/350/550 lpmMax Tempera..

INR 2,309 INR 1,630

Bosch GHG 500-2 Corded Heat Guns Blowers,

Why this tool?2-stage switch for one-handed operationStationary working position also possibleTwo ai..

INR 2,228 INR 1,675

Bosch GHG 600 CE Corded Heat Guns Blowers,2000 Watt

Why this tool?Surfaces for stationary use without danger of falling overComprehensive special access..

INR 7,743 INR 5,821

Bosch GHG 630 DCE Corded Heat Guns Blowers,2000 Watt

Why this tool?50°C cold settingErgonomic design/soft grip..Technical Specifications:Rated input powe..

INR 7,076 INR 5,320