Demol Hammers

Demol Hammers
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Bosch GSH 11 VC Corded Demol Hammers,1700 Watt

1. Long lifetime due to robust metal components2. Adjustable impact force can be perfectly matched t..

INR 56,945 INR 42,807

Bosch GSH 11E Corded Demol Hammers,1500 Watt

> Wide sliding switch for convenient switching on and off> Variable chisel fitting in 12 ..

INR 35,148 INR 26,422

Bosch GSH 16-30 Corded Demol Hammers,1750 Watt

Why this tool?Practical: the GSH 16 Professional can be easily and conveniently transported on rolle..

INR 83,607 INR 62,850

Bosch GSH 27 VC Corded Demol Hammers,2000 Watt

Specification overview-Rated input power2,000 WImpact energy62 JImpact rate at rated speed1000 bpmWe..

INR 173,043 INR 126,201

Bosch GSH 5 Corded Demol Hammers,1100 Watt

Why this tool?Soft-grip for comfortable and fatigue free useImproved Vario-Lock chisel position sett..

INR 27,289 INR 20,514

Bosch GSH 500 Corded Demol Hammers,1025 Watt

Technical Specifications:Rated power input: 1,025 WImpact energy: 6.8 JImpact rate at rated speed: 2..

INR 15,904 INR 11,956