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Insize Three Point Internal Micrometer,Model-3227-50,Range-40-50mm/1.57-1.97 Inch

Buy Online-INSIZE THREE POINT INTERNAL MICROMETER,MODEL-3227-50,RANGE-40-50mm/1.57-1.97 Inch-at lowe..

INR 21,090 INR 17,927

Insize Three Point Internal Micrometer,Model-3227-504,Range-20-50mm/0.79-01.97 Inch

Buy Online-INSIZE THREE POINT INTERNAL MICROMETER,MODEL-3227-504,RANGE-20-50mm/0.79-01.97 Inch-at lo..

INR 63,746 INR 54,185

Insize Three Point Internal Micrometer,Model-3227-63,Range-50-63mm/1.97-2.48 Inch

Buy Online-INSIZE THREE POINT INTERNAL MICROMETER,MODEL-3227-63,RANGE-50-63mm/1.97-2.48 Inch-at lowe..

INR 22,832 INR 19,408

Insize Three Point Internal Micrometer,Model-3227-75,Range-62-75mm/2.44-2.95 Inch

Buy Online-INSIZE THREE POINT INTERNAL MICROMETER,MODEL-3227-75,RANGE-62-75mm/2.44-2.95 Inch-at lowe..

INR 24,491 INR 20,818

Insize Three Point Internal Micrometer,Model-3227-8,Range-6-8mm/0.24-0.31 Inch

Buy Online-INSIZE THREE POINT INTERNAL MICROMETER,MODEL-3227-8,RANGE-6-8mm/0.24-0.31 Inch-at lowest ..

INR 15,878 INR 13,497

Insize Three Point Internal Micrometer,Model-3227-88,Range-75-88mm/2.95-3.46 Inch

Buy Online-INSIZE THREE POINT INTERNAL MICROMETER,MODEL-3227-88,RANGE-75-88mm/2.95-3.46 Inch-at lowe..

INR 25,598 INR 21,759

Insize Torque Wrench,Model-Ist-9WM20,Range-4-20N.m

Buy Online-INSIZE TORQUE WRENCH,MODEL-IST-9WM20,RANGE-4-20N.m-at lowest Price..

INR 6,810 INR 5,789

Insize Torque Wrench,Model-Ist-9WM200,Range-40-200N.m

Buy Online-INSIZE TORQUE WRENCH,MODEL-IST-9WM200,RANGE-40-200N.m-at lowest Price..

INR 7,234 INR 6,149

Insize Torque Wrench,Model-Ist-9WM335,Range-65-335N.m

Buy Online-INSIZE TORQUE WRENCH,MODEL-IST-9WM335,RANGE-65-335N.m-at lowest Price..

INR 7,741 INR 6,580

Insize Torque Wrench,Model-Ist-9WM60,Range-10-60N.m

Buy Online-INSIZE TORQUE WRENCH,MODEL-IST-9WM60,RANGE-10-60N.m-at lowest Price..

INR 6,496 INR 5,522

Insize Tubular Inside Micrometer,Model-3222-300,Range-50-300mm

Buy Online-INSIZE TUBULAR INSIDE MICROMETER,MODEL-3222-300,RANGE-50-300mm-at lowest price..

INR 8,372 INR 7,117

Insize Universal Magnetic Stand,Model-6208-80A

Buy Online-INSIZE UNIVERSAL MAGNETIC STAND,MODEL-6208-80A-at lowest Price..

INR 2,554 INR 2,146

Insize Universal Magnetic Stand,Model-6210-80

Buy Online-INSIZE UNIVERSAL MAGNETIC STAND,MODEL-6210-80-at lowest Price..

INR 4,797 INR 4,030

Insize Vernier Caliper,Model-1205-1502S,Range-0-150mm/0-6 Inch

Buy Online-INSIZE VERNIER CALIPER,MODEL-1205-1502S,RANGE-0-150mm/0-6 Inch-at lowest price..

INR 1,574 INR 1,338

Insize Vernier Caliper,Model-1205-2002S,Range-0-200mm/0-8 Inch

Buy Online-INSIZE VERNIER CALIPER,MODEL-1205-2002S,RANGE-0-200mm/0-8 Inch-at lowest price..

INR 2,373 INR 2,018

Insize Vernier Caliper,Model-1205-3002S,Range-0-300mm/0-12 Inch

Buy Online-INSIZE VERNIER CALIPER,MODEL-1205-3002S,RANGE-0-300mm/0-12 Inch-at lowest price..

INR 4,398 INR 3,739

Insize Vernier Caliper,Model-1214-1000,Range-0-1000mm/0-40 Inch

Buy Online-INSIZE VERNIER CALIPER,MODEL-1214-1000,RANGE-0-1000mm/0-40 Inch-at lowest price..

INR 25,414 INR 21,602

Insize Vernier Caliper,Model-1214-600,Range-0-600mm/0-24 Inch

Buy Online-INSIZE VERNIER CALIPER,MODEL-1214-600,RANGE-0-600mm/0-24 Inch-at lowest price..

INR 8,847 INR 7,520

Insize Vernier Depth Guage,Model-1240-1501,Range-0-150 mm

Buy Online-INSIZE VERNIER DEPTH GUAGE,MODEL-1240-1501,RANGE-0-150 mm-at lowestr price..

INR 1,877 INR 1,596

Insize Vernier Depth Guage,Model-1240-2001,Range-0-200 mm

Buy Online-INSIZE VERNIER DEPTH GUAGE,MODEL-1240-2001,RANGE-0-200 mm-at lowestr price..

INR 1,942 INR 1,651

Insize Vernier Depth Guage,Model-1240-3001,Range-0-300 mm

Buy Online-INSIZE VERNIER DEPTH GUAGE,MODEL-1240-3001,RANGE-0-300 mm-at lowestr price..

INR 2,516 INR 2,139

Insize Vernier Height Guage,Model-1250-300,Range-0-300mm/0-12 Inch

Buy Online-INSIZE VERNIER HEIGHT GUAGE,MODEL-1250-300,RANGE-0-300mm/0-12 Inch-at lowestr price..

INR 10,270 INR 8,730

Insize Vernier Height Guage,Model-1253-200,Range-0-200mm/0-8 Inch

Buy Online-INSIZE VERNIER HEIGHT GUAGE,MODEL-1253-200,RANGE-0-200mm/0-8 Inch-at lowestr price..

INR 8,909 INR 7,573

Insize Welding Guage For Used For 45 Degree Angle,Model-4835-1

Buy Online-INSIZE WELDING GUAGE FOR USED FOR 45 DEGREE ANGLE,MODEL-4835-1-at lowestr price..

INR 2,042 INR 1,736

Insize Welding Guage For Used For Angle Of Preparation,Model-4835-1,Range-0-60 Degree


INR 2,042 INR 1,736