Rotary Drills

Rotary Drills
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Bosch GBM 10 RE Corded Rotary Drill,350 Watt

Why this tool?Control Electronic for precise drilling startsMetal keyless chuck for high precision a..

INR 3,840 INR 2,810

Bosch GBM 13 RE Corded Rotary Drill,600 Watt

Why this tool?Compact & high strength helical gear for long lifetimeSpindle collar diameter of 4..

INR 3,933 INR 2,957

Bosch GBM 13-2 Corded Rotary Drill,550 Watt

Why this tool?Drill chuck secured by centering screw against coming loose in reverse rotationSynchro..

INR 7,709 INR 5,795

Bosch GBM 1600 RE Corded Rotary Drill,850 Watt

Why this tool?2 in 1 - Power and Convenience for mixing & drilling applications360° rotates D ha..

INR 9,483 INR 7,129

Bosch GBM 23-2 Corded Rotary Drill,1050 Watt

Why this tool?Long lifetime with roller bearing-mounted motor and gearsSpindle collar diameter of 43..

INR 50,524 INR 37,980

Bosch GBM 32 Magnetic Drill Stand

Why this tool?Connection bolt between GBM 32-4 Professional and drill stand enables precise drilling..

INR 158,669 INR 107,214

Bosch GBM 32-4 Corded Rotary Drill,1500 Watt

Why this tool?Auxiliary handle for better gripSafety thanks to overload clutchLong lifetime with rol..

INR 62,652 INR 47,097

Bosch GBM 6 Corded Rotary Drill,350 Watt

Why this tool?High strength & precision sintered bearing bracket for precision workingCompact &a..

INR 3,069 INR 2,210