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HSS Taps are made of high speed steel material used for internal threading or say tapping which mean to make threading inside already drill holes.

Hand TAP

These standard style taps have straight flutes of a number specified as either standard or optional. Hand taps are for general purpose applications such as production tapping or hand tapping operations.Taper,Plug & Bottoming styles provide versatility in tough materials, blind and through holes.


As to general physical dimensions, spiral point taps are identical with the standard hand tap. However, the spiral point tap has the cutting face of the first few threads cut at a pre-determined angle relative to the tap's axis angle to force the evacuation of chips ahead of the cutting action. This feature, plus the excellent shearing action of the flute, make spiral pointed taps ideal for production tapping of through holes. Typically, this type of tap has a shallower flute passage than conventional taps. This gives the spiral point tap more cross-sectional area, which means greater strength, allows higher tapping speeds, and requires less power to drive.



These taps, as the name implies, are made with spiral flutes instead of straight flutes. This spiral fluting feature aids in drawing chips out of a hole, or serves to bridge a gap inside the hole such as a keyway or cross-hole. Commonly available in slow spiral (25-30¡ helix angle) or fast spiral (45-60¡).



These taps have an odd number of lands with alternate teeth in the thread helix removed. The removal of every other tooth helps to break the chip and allows a greater supply of lubrication to reach the cutting teeth, reducing the incidence of torn threads. Ideal for tapping non ferrous metals and low carbon steel; as well as use in titanium and high hardness alloys.



These taps are fluteless except as optionally designed with one or more lubrication grooves. The thread form is lobed so there is a finite number of points contacting the work. This tap does not cut, so it is 'chipless', and consequently will not cause a chip problem. The tool forms the thread by extrusion, thus thread size can be closely maintained. The fluteless design allows high quality threads, faster tapping speeds, higher production, and generates no chips which simplifies tapping of blind bottoming holes (threads can be formed the full depth of the hole).


Nut taps feature a long chamfer which assists in entering the drilled hole, and distributes the cutting action over several teeth. These taps were initially designed for tapping nuts and have a long thread length. The shank diameter is smaller than the tap's minor diameter to allow the accumulation of several nuts after tapping. Nut taps also feature an extended square length.

Our Major Brands of HSS TAP are:

Miranda HSS TAP