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Slot Drill is a cutter with teeth on the periphery end, and integral with a parallel shank for holding and driving. It is regularly furnished with right hand straight flutes or helical flutes designed primary for the purpose of milling shallow slots or keways, usually having two teeth and designed to cut whilst sinking or traversing.


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End Mill with Parallel Long Shanks which are fabricated from premium quality raw material to ensure higher working life and durability. They are mainly used where for heavy machining operations where maximum stock removal at high feed rates is required.They have long Shank permit easy removal of material and can do critical machining.

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Hello friends Thanks for your interest to know about what is an END MILL? 

It’s a modern era. So today we have lots of scientific tools which are work very fast in the world of Engineering. The END MILL Cutter is one of them. Now first we discussed what is a Milling is a Mechanical operations by which we remove the material of a job to convert into a finished products with the help of Rotary cutters.

These operations are mainly done on Milling Machine or CNC machines. The hard tool is contact with work piece and we removed the material acc to our requirement.  Now a day it’s mainly performed on milling machine.


An END MILL Cutter is a cutting tool which we used for Milling operations. For perform a good milling operations on small parts, end parts, of a job, cylindrical jobs etc. A END MILL is a important part of a machine tool. Let’s come to the point what is an H.S.S. End Mill Cutter. HSS End Mill cutter is also like drill bit. But the operation of End Mill Cutter is totally different. A Drill bit can cut only in axial direction but the End Mill can cut in all direction. END MILLS are mainly produced on CNC machine with high pressure lubricants & coolants such as soluble oil, oils, A.C. This types of tools mainly produced on CNC copying Lathe. End mills are sold in both imperial and metric shank and cutting diameters. In the USA, metric is readily available, but it is only used in some machine shops and not others; in Canada, due to the country's proximity to the US, much the same is true. In Asia and Europe, while imperial is readily available, metric diameters are standard.

There are four critical angle of a cutting tool.

1) End edge cutting angle

2) Axiel Relief angle

3) Rake angle

4) Radial Relief angle

Every tool has different geometry. The selection of an END MILL is totally depending on a material to be machined. E.g. cast iron, Mild Steel, Aluminum. We are commonly used H.S.S. ENDMILLS. We also used carbide tools for produced the cutting tools & to be machined of hard materials. We also used diamond tools in CNC machine for machining the HSS Tools. Diamond is the hardest material in the world.




The HSS END MILLS are classified on the basic on following.

1) Parallel shank End Mills – 2 flutes  

2) Parallel shank slot drills

3) Parallel shank End Mills long series

4) Parallel shank Roughing End Mills


End Mills are used for various types of milling operations.

1) Profile Milling:-  1)  Profile milling is a type of milling to perform on convex & concave in 2d and 3d also. This milling is mainly need for small parts & produces some counter shapes.

Total operation is done in 3 steps mainly.

1) Rough finishing

2) Semi finishing

3) Super finishing 

2) Tracer Milling:- Trace milling is a type of milling which is done on CNC machine. It’s mainly used for milling the 3d jobs. We also called it copy milling.



3) Face Milling:-  Face milling is a very common method of milling. In this milling tool is made an angle of 45 degree with work piece.


The HSS END MILLS are classified on the basic on following

1) Parallel shank End Mills – 2 flutes  



2) Parallel shank slot drills


3) Parallel shank End Mills long series.


4) Parallel shank Roughing End Mills.



Our Major Brands of HSS End Mills are:

Miranda HSS End Mills