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Sparepedia is a free encyclopedia for all types of spare parts, industrial spare parts, electrical spare parts and mechanical spare parts.

In terms of Price

M.S Pipe is cheapest of all

C.I Pipe is Cheaper than G.I, but Costlier than M.S pipe

G.I Pipe is Costliest of both M.S and C.I



Hello everybody;

This is Krishan Bansal from RKG Polymers Pvt. Ltd.


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Plant Maintenance & Spare parts purchase


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Basic Difference between Conductors , Insulators and Semi Conductors

Conductors :-Materials that permit flow of electrons are called  conductors (e.g., gold, silver, copper, etc.).

Insulators :-Materials that block flow of electrons are called  insulators (e.g., rubber, glass, Teflon, mica, etc.).

Semi Conductors :-Materials whose conductivity falls between those of conductors and insulators are called semiconductors.

Graphical Representation 



1 ) Determine what your AC input voltage is. In North America and parts of Central and South America, the AC voltage at most sockets is 110 to 120 volts at 60 hertz. In Europe, Asia, Australia and most of the Middle East and Africa, it's 230 to 240 volts at 50 hertz. The standard in other areas may differ.

2) Find the voltage and amperage needed to power the components of your electronic device. Check the manufacturer's instructions, if necessary. Too much of either amperage or voltage will destroy the components, while too little will not allow the device to work correctly. Most have a safe range; aim for...


The following are the qualities that a fuse wire must contain :-


1) Reliable in rating.

2) Non-deterioration.

3) Suitable capacity to withstand short circuiting condition for short period.

4) Quick operation.

5) To safe the installation system from fire or risk of danger. 

Difference between the Fuses and the Circuit Breakers

• The fuse is a device working on the electrical and thermal properties of the conducting material, while a circuit breaker is a device working on the electromechanical principles.

• Once used a fuse has to be replaced but the circuit breaker can be reused after correction of the fault in the system.

• Fuses offer protection against only power overloads, while circuit breaker offers protection against power overloads and short circuits (voltage imbalances).

Conversion of Kinetic Energy to Pressure Energy

The key idea is that the energy created by the centrifugal force is kinetic energy.The amount of energy given to the liquid is proportional to the velocity at the edge or vane tip of the impeller. The faster the impeller revolves or the bigger the impeller is,then the higher will be the velocity of the liquid at the vane tip and the greater the energyimparted to the liquid.This kinetic energy of a liquid coming out of an impeller is harnessed by creating a resistance to the flow. The first resistance is created by the pump volute (casing) that catches the liquid and slows it down. In...


All electrical equipment must be protected against damage deriving from trouble or abnormal operation. The following phenomenamust be taken into consideration:

- Overcurrents deriving from short-circuiting;

- overload currents;

- break or dip in supply voltage;

- Motor overspeed.

In addition, for the purposes of safety, there needs to be protection against direct contact with live parts and indirect contact with partsnormally not live but which could become live in the event of insulation failure.

• Overcurrents deriving from short-circuiting. Protection can take the form of:...